The Powerful Parenting Programme©  uses a combination of neuroscience, epigenetics, mindfulness and emotion coaching to enhance your parenting helping you to rebuild those important connections using the building blocks of love, compassion, understanding, honesty,  non-judgement, empathy, insight and trust to create a safe environment for your child to thrive in and embrace the gifts of resilience and confidence to face any situation in life.

What is Powerful Parenting – Jacqui  created The Powerful Parenting Programme which leads you on a journey of self discovery, helping you to identify why you sometimes feel powerless in certain situations, develop skills  and  create strategies to empower you and enrich your journey of parenting with your child and those people who are also invested in supporting you on that  same journey.

This feeling of powerlessness is not unique to parenting, indeed it can happen in any situation in our day to day lives, and that is why this programme is so flexible and valuable because you can take the skills and techniques you have discovered on this programme into every other walk of life.

The Why of Powerful Parenting – Jacqui is particularly passionate about the parenting journey because she understands how the first 7 years of a child’s life are crucial to forming  a framework for how we show up for the rest of their lives.  Jacqui also believes  that there is no role  that is more rewarding, life changing and important than being a parent. It is the biggest investment we will ever make in our lives yet despite this there is no Parenting Manual!

When it comes to your parenting,   issues and disagreements can easily arise with your partner or spouse,  the other parent and/ or your child because of  differing views, parenting models, values  and perspectives which ultimately creates  a barrier to emotional connection with each other. Each person’s journey is their own because we don’t all behave or interact in the same way.  Each of us experience parenting in our own way and so it follows our parenting journey is as unique as we are.   The surprising thing is that just as we think we have mastered the art of parenting those little versions of ourselves will soon challenge our beliefs and parenting styles making us question whether we have truly got this at all.

The Business of Parenting –  When we become parents nothing can prepare us for the journey we are about to embark upon and how it will enrich us, overwhelm us, bring us to our knees and at times, even break us.

That’s because the job of being a parent is the biggest emotional, physical, time consuming and financial investment we will ever make in our lives. The journey starts when we make the decision about becoming a parent and lasts for the rest of our lives. There are no manuals, and frustratingly everyone has an opinion, helpful guidance, advice, or  techniques around what you should do and what shouldn’t do, what constitutes good parenting and bad parenting and soon we become so overwhelmed with all the different information that we find ourselves unsure of what we should be doing.

Our dream of achieving and excelling past a parenting standard set up by society or family traditions and fulfilling one of the most important roles in our life suddenly stops being fun and we soon start to feel overwhelmed and like we are failing. We see our child’s success or failure as a reflection of us as people and our parenting skills and abilities. In turn that creates a dynamic in our family relationships which imposes all sorts of conditions and expectations on both parent and child.

The feeling of POWERLESSNESS creeps upon us and we believe that  everyone else doing the job of parenting much better than us. The overall effect of this dynamic is to slowly chip away at our confidence,  the connection we have our child, our partners, the other parent and family members. We lose focus of the bigger picture and we get embroiled in the minutiae of day to day disputes and conflict and before we realise it this is the norm in our most important relationships.

You will develop a skill set and learn parenting hacks that will help you to remain calm in the eye of the storm, learn how  regulate yourself and your child with powerful parenting techniques that are neither permissive nor punitive but gets to the heart of the parenting puzzle.


5 Steps to Powerful ParentingThe SolutionThe How & Why of The Powerful Parenting Programme
Personality & PersonaThe Truth FinderWelcome to the Party !  Our personalities are multi-faceted and  there will be times when different parts of your personality serve you  well and other times when those same parts create a problem for you.
Programme & PerceptionThe Better BeliefRewiring for New Beliefs – The Neuroscience Bit!
The PeopleThe Impact FactorPerspectives & Communication  – how to create lasting connection with your loved ones
The PlanThe Success StrategyThe Powerful Parenting Success Strategy Report & Plan
PracticeThe Accountability MapWalking your Talk with Support during this transformative and profound final step


Jacqui offers The Powerful Parenting Programme in three ways click here to find out how.

The Parenting Pod is a community Forum for Parents who have used the Powerful Parenting Programme where you can continue to build lasting friendships and connections with other parents, to share the opportunities and successes on your as  you implement the skills and techniques you have learned