In April last year our carers were hailed as heroes. They worked through some of the toughest conditions it was possible to face.

Unbelievable short staffing, long shifts in stifling PPE, fear for their health and the health of those they care for and sadly, for some, the loss of residents and colleagues. 

Now over 50 000 carers from over 11 000 care homes are facing the loss of their jobs for exercising their right declining a ‘vaccine’ that has no long term safety data. 

The distress, trauma and sense of betrayal that this has caused is unimaginable. 

It’s a unique situation of duress, distress and uncertainty – and it’s one that deserves bespoke support. 

That’s why we’ve created the Conscious Carers’ Circle

At P2PP we’re extending our service to create a separate membership group for carers so that they have access to exclusive quality professional emotional and wellbeing support as they stand for their right to exercise medical freedom. 

We’re doing that through our private membership programme – The Conscious Carers’ Circle. 

Join the Conscious Carers’ Circle to get exclusive access to:

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