After many years of living in my head and being afraid of any type of therapy that I felt would endanger the strength of my mind, I have now come to the understanding through your support and your skills  that my assumptions, prejudges and fears were unfounded.

These assumptions, prejudges and fears prevented me from exploring, approaching and healing my traumatic past. It was only through the trust and safety that you were able to evoke that I felt able to approach hypnosis.

My fears were unfounded and I credit this to your ability to explain the process and put me at ease. I was able, for the first time, to connect with my younger self and follow the path of both adult and child due to the safety that you created. I now have tools in the form of imagery and breathing techniques that assist me in managing stress. I am now able to move towards resolving patterns with new techniques and processes.

I would now recommend to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy and whose personal development has been halted by having labelled it as scary, as I did that they get in touch with you.

Your warmth and commitment will enable anyone looking to take the steps they need to begin their healing journey to feel that this is possible and to feel unequivocally that they are in safe hands with you.