The Parenting Pod

Memberships will be available soon!!

Welcome !! I am delighted that you’re interested in the Powerful Parenting Membership. This is an exclusive membership where you can connect with other parents who are on the same journey as you.

The intention of this membership is for us all to share the joys and pains of our parenting journey in a non-judgemental and  safe Forum where interactions are approached with compassion, understanding and empathy. As we discuss and support each other in our journey from Powerless to Powerful Parenting it is highly likely that your own personal breakthroughs in your journey may help  or inspire another member or you may wish to reach out to another member to give or receive support.

You may have already met some of the other members at Workshops or Events that I have run and there will be other members who you have yet to connect with.  This is the place to make life long friendships as we all support each other if we have little lessons or opportunities [as I like to call them]  and we all celebrate each others successes.  The very foundation of friendship and connection is having the courage to be vulnerable about our mistakes so we can learn how to pick ourselves back up and feel supported and safe whilst doing so.

I will be interacting and supporting the Members on their own journeys up the Powerful Parenting path in this secure forum and will periodically upload Blogs, Newsletters, articles and helpful information together with pearls of wisdom as the discussions unfold. This is very much a group where we all support each other in moments of vulnerability and celebrate each others wins and successes.

All information shared in this membership forum is confidential and will not/ should not be shared anywhere else on other social media. Given the nature of information shared here and to ensure the values adopted by the membership are upheld I will be monitoring posts and interactions. In the event any of the posts or interactions are abusive or offensive I will delete that information and the member posting that information will be removed from the membership forum. If it is necessary to take this step you can of course contact me by email if you wish to discuss this further:-

I do not intend to define here what constitutes a negative, offensive or abusive post save to say it is possible to lovingly challenge a persons perspective on any issues discussed in this forum. If you have participated in any of the Powerful Parenting Programme you will of course be aware of the skill and importance of assertive, gentle, loving communication to establish clear boundaries. However if there is any doubt about how to communicate in a powerful and loving way you can of course download my Factsheet on Conflict Resolution Communication the Powerful Parenting Way here for guidance on how to manage communication effectively.

Remember this is all part of Stage 5 of your Powerful Parenting journey to implement and use the skills and knowledge you have gained as a result of the work we have done together so there is a need for all the values I have adopted for this forum to be whole heartedly embraced and practiced by all participants at any given time.

I am super excited that we are able to continue to share this Adventure from Powerless 2 Powerful Parenting together

Lots of love

Jacqui xx