About Jacqui

Jacqui Sansom works with parents to create a secure family for children to thrive in.

Jacqui has been a family and child care lawyer for over 20 years and during that time has seen conflict in the home lead to children failing at school, struggling to fit in socially and affect their long-term happiness.

She understands the importance of a child growing up in a secure family that provides a safe haven from a harsh world where the pressure to compete and fit in is high. As a parent herself Jacqui has a huge amount of experience and insight into the stress, anxiety and pressure parents face everyday and she recognises that it has never been harder than it is today to be a parent. She became determined to help parents navigate the challenges they face by helping them to develop their awareness and perception of what it takes to become powerful parents. She studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Re-imprinting and Clinical Hypnotherapy because these techniques understand that our experiences and beliefs are at the root of our behaviour and that to change our parenting behaviour we must understand our beliefs.

Jacqui’s Powerful Parenting Programme is the result of her therapeutic training and over 20 year’s legal experience working with parents, which together with her personal experience of  being a single parent who made mistakes and growing up in a home where her parents were in constant conflict,  she personally understands the impact of being a child living in a hostile and fragile home environment. Jacqui has created three programmes to help adults and parents which she delivers on line in small intimate groups.

  • The Powerful Parenting Programme  focusses on the connection between parent and  child.  You will discover the secrets of how to navigate all those challenges that only your children seem to trigger in you  whilst avoiding the dangers of both permissive or  punitive parenting and  helps you to  teach them the most valuable lessons in life and lead  by example.
  • The Coherent Co-Parenting Programme  focusses on amelioration and resolution  of disputes between parents around co-parenting which sadly either lead  parents  in shouting matches or to the Court doors, which not only results in expensive legal costs but also leaves long term emotional repercussions from which recovery is far harder.  You will both address  issues that have been getting in the way of your ability to successfully navigate  the problems which will inevitably show up in co-parenting for the  benefit and long term happiness of your child.
  • The Relationship Recovery Programme focusses on healing those deep rooted issues that are showing up as behaviours and  practical  problems  in your relationship which  are slowly but surely destroying the connection between you both.  The programme will leave you in a place where together you are able to view “problems” as opportunities to  deepen your connection and commitment to each other.

She is passionate about helping parents build a loving and strong family so children are able to go out into the world with solid foundations to approach to life with confidence and feel safe enough to talk to you about anything.