1:1 Sessions

Jacqui knows that you won’t want to miss the opportunity to become a Powerful Parent and as busy parents it is essential that you are offered choices for you to pick the best way for you to access the Powerful Parenting Programme.

The Powerful Parenting Strategy Session is a 1:1 Session with Jacqui lasting 90 minutes which helps you:-

  • Get clear on the reasons you do not feel a Powerful Parent so you can get clear on the steps you need to take to make those long lasting changes
  • Get better understanding of self and others to identify the behaviour patterns that keep recurring in your life and how that impacts on you and the people around you
  • Pinpoint how a strategic and structured approach can help you to create and implement a plan that will help you reclaim your true potential as a Powerful Parent

Powerful Parenting Programme 1:1 Coaching is the ultimate personal experience of 1:1 coaching with Jacqui where she will give her undivided attention for 8½ hours over an 8 week period with an initial consultation of 90 minutes and a further 7 weekly sessions of 1 hour duration and at the end of your experience you will leave with:-

  • Your Workbook as a record of your Breakthroughs
  • Understanding and the skills to be a Powerful Parent having worked through the 5 key stages of the Powerful Parenting Programme
  • Clarity of the learned and modelled behaviour patterns which keep presenting in your life
  • An understanding of how your behaviour patterns and beliefs impact on you and the people you love
  • How to manage yourself and your emotions during times of conflict with the people you love
  • How to structure and implement a Plan that provides a strategic approach to reclaim your true potential as a powerful parent
  • A Bespoke Accountability Action Plan to record your 3 steps/goals for change in your relationship with your child
  • Support around and during the implementation of your Bespoke Action Plan
  • Access to both the Powerful Parenting Private Membership Group where Jacqui interacts  and downloads helpful articles and blogs
  • Access to the Powerful Parenting Private Membership Group where Jacqui interacts daily and downloads helpful articles and blogs

Buy Powerful Parenting Programme 1:1 Coaching

Book a free 30 minute Discovery Session with Jacqui by clicking on this link (Book 30 minute discovery Session) if you want to know more about the Powerful Parenting Programme and/or which is the best way for you to access this course which best suits you and your personal circumstances, if you and your partner want to share this journey together, a bespoke coaching plan that is tailored to your needs or any other questions.

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