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Helping adults get to the Heart of the Parenting Puzzle, because powerful parenting builds a foundation for life which is  neither punitive nor permissive.

There has never been a more challenging time when it comes to parenting and for parents to help their children have a happy childhood than now.  Both parents and children are struggling,  suffering with mental health conditions,  struggling to form friendships,  lonelier than any previous generation, turning to drugs and alcohol and failing at school.  Statistically there has never been a time when parenting was harder and children have been so unhappy and children in the UK are the unhappiest in Europe.

Social media is both the gift and the curse as it  creates a high threshold where both children and parents cannot help but  compare themselves to each other and impossible role models, making real connection difficult and increasing isolation whilst providing a distraction from human connection and warmth.

As parents we are being forced to spend more time with our children, without any real opportunity for personal space and our role of being Mum or Dad is being developed in ways where we are expected to put a different hat on depending on the time of day which is much harder because we are so invested in our children’s future.

  • Are you worried about your child’s behaviour?
  • Are you scared you’re losing touch with your child?
  • Is conflict and/or tension in the home making your child unhappy?
  • Is co-parenting proving a problem?
  • Are you experiencing problems in a blended family?
  • Do you find yourself shouting and getting angry at your children?
  • Are you feeling powerless in your parenting?
  • Is your parenting style overtly permissive or overtly punitive?

Jacqui Sansom is the Founder of Powerless 2 Powerful Parenting and she recognises there has never been a time when it is harder to be a parent. She has personally and professionally experienced and seen the difficulties that parents face. With over  30 years experience as a Family & Childcare Lawyer  whilst being a single parent herself struggling with the juggle of balancing family life and a demanding corporate career and as a Parenting Mentor working with parents she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her different roles.

The Powerful Parenting Programme is synonymous with the transformation of parenting whilst providing a safe,  confidential  and non-judgemental  community for parents in our exclusive Membership Forum “The Parenting Pod”   Here parents  are encouraged to get messy and share their experiences  and insights as  they implement the skills they have learned during the programme to build long lasting friendships and connections with other parents facing the same journey.   Your biggest fear  or  most ferocious battle will be another parents  inspiration.

The skills you learn will give you tools to  lead the next generation of children by example and give your child the best chance of developing true resilience, happiness, confidence and be secure enough to robustly take anything in their stride throughout life.  Your children will be the generation who can help to bring about global change where conscious and empathic living in  a non-judgemental environment is the new norm.

This leading parenting programme not only helps parents to understand and acknowledge their own programming and belief systems which can lead to conflict and  block successful resolution of family struggles  but it provides a strategic approach to parenting with many tips and tricks to overcome the daily hurdles we face as parents. Simply learning about their programming and belief systems allows parents to identify when they feel powerless and enables them to play to their strengths to create greater connection and form better relationships with their children and co-parenting partners to provide a safe, secure home life for their family.

Jacqui is passionate about helping parents get the help they need to be the parents they want to be, so their children are set up for life and given the best foundation for a happiness and success.

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